Why Asphalt Takes Such a Beating in the Winter Months

With most parts of the Philadelphia area gearing up for harsh winter weather, people are beginning to get back into the swing of winter safety and maintenance. While knowing how to defrost and de-ice your vehicle is essential, asphalt paving upkeep and maintenance are equally important for keeping drivers safe on our roads. 

Infographic explaining three key traits drivers expect on safe roads

As the most trusted paving contractors in the Tri-State area, we’ve created this piece to explain why asphalt can deteriorate so rapidly during winter.

Snow, Ice, and Rain on Asphalt Paving

You probably know that a crack in your car’s windshield can get worse throughout the winter as water seeps into the crack, freezes, and expands. The same is true for asphalt. If you have a sidewalk, parking lot, or stretch of road that has cracks, chips, or is worn down, it’s likely that the surface will deteriorate further as the weather gets colder. Surfaces that are already worn down are vulnerable due to cold weather and moisture, so maintaining sealcoating and resurfacing is essential.

UV Rays

While many of us don’t think of sunlight as a primary factor of harsh winter weather, ultraviolet radiation from the sun could cause your asphalt pavement to wear and age more quickly. Remember, the UV rays from the sun keep shining throughout winter, causing binding materials to weaken and asphalt sealcoating to deteriorate. You’ll notice a lightening of the surface of your asphalt after prolonged exposure to UV rays. However, more severe damage could occur if you leave your pavement vulnerable.

Preventing Asphalt Paving Damage

Winter can be harsh on your asphalt, but damage can be prevented. Our expert team at Associated Paving has installed and maintained high-quality asphalt products across the Philadelphia region for almost 50 years, so we’re experts when it comes to preventative maintenance. Sealcoating when the temperatures are warmer can keep ice, water, and UV rays from causing fissures, cracks, potholes, and more. Sealing potholes and cracks is essential for keeping pedestrians and drivers safe and protecting your pavement from further damage. From sealcoating to lot resurfacing, Associated Paving handles it all.

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