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4 Great Articles on Dealing with Snow

If you live in the Philadelphia metro area, you’re probably getting hit with some snow right about now (particularly if you live or work in Bucks County, where we are currently getting a steady dumping here in Warminster).  And it seems like it’s snowing more heavily than predicted, but then again, what fun would life be with a perfect weather forecast all the time?APCON snow plow

As we here at APCON gear up in case we have to get to work plowing or salting or sanding parking lots and roads, we wanted to share some info for being prepared for snow fall.  Check out the links below for your one-stop-shop on all things related to the flaky white stuff:

-“16 Cardinal Rules on Snow Shoveling”:  Popular Mechanics gives the “scoop” on how to shovel snow in your driveway

-“Driving in Snow and Ice”:  Weather.com serves up some helpful tips on driving in hazardous winter weather

-“How to Remove Snow from Your Car”:  This AAA video demonstrates proper ways to clearing snow off your automobile 

-And what good would a blog post about snow be without an article on “How to Make the Perfect Snowball” (from the UK, of all places)?

We hope these areticles are helpful to you.  If you’re out driving or shoveling (or throwing snowballs), please do so carefully.

And fear not fellow Delaware Valley-ans, it looks like the snow should be melting in the next day or two as the sun returns and gets temps back into the 40s.  Or at least so they say…

APCON Gears up for Winter Weather

APCON  truck with snow plow

An APCON triaxle dump truck gears up with a snow plow to clear wintry precipitation out of local parking lots.

Hurricane Sandy has come and (thankfully) gone, but that sure doesn’t stop Mother Nature.

Now, a Nor’easter storm has arrived, striking the Philadelphia-New Jersey region just eight days after one of the most destructive hurricanes in the country’s history.  Unfortunately, many local residents and businesses have remained without power since the hurricane, and this new storm is bringing cold temperatures, along with rain and snow, depending on your location; thus, this wintry weather could cause more power outages and further damage, though we’re hoping that this is not the case.

In any event, APCON is gearing up for the start of snow plowing season. APCON has approximately 20 trucks available for snow plowing, including triaxle dump trucks that can be used for salting/sanding the roadways and parking lots.  We also utilize snow blowers for clearing off parking lot sidewalks.  And yes, the good old fashioned hand-held snow shovel or two could always make an appearance at one of our clearing locations if needed.

A gentle reminder to all property owners– in most cases, YOU are responsible for keeping your property clear of snow and ice (be sure to check your local laws). Please keep this in mind as snow piles up on your premises, so that no people or cars get damaged from snow not being plowed away or ice not being salted or sanded.

If you have any questions about snow removal for the Bucks County area, please feel free to contact us at 215-672-8000 and we would be happy to discuss them with you. We have worked with businesses ranging from corporate centers to hotels to shopping centers and more, as well as the public sector, to keep snow from hindering travels in the Bucks County region.