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Porous Paving in the News Again

Check out this example of porous paving in action, courtesy of Hudson Valley’s Your News Now.

Though porous paving is a technology whereby asphalt pavement drains water through it is over 30 years old, it is becoming more prevalent as townships deal with flooding and storm water drainage issues.

Though porous pavement may not be suitable in every location, it can serve a valuable purpose for areas that get flooded easily (like the area near Lake George, as cited in the first link above).   And with townships and cities looking to improve upon their city infrastructure, we anticipate porous paving will gain interest amongst city planners in years ahead.

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How to Drain 9,000 Gallons of Water from Pavement

You just never know what might “soak” you as you surf the internet… Here’s a pretty cool video from the Daily Telegram in Adrian, Michigan showing the effectiveness of porous (permeable) paving and how it drains 9,000 gallons of water without any pooling whatsoever. As you can see, the water from the fire hose disappears as it hits the asphalt, as the water merely drains into the ground below. Apparently, according to the article, this site is where a farmer’s market is held, so the benefit of quick water drainage is great in the event that it rains before or during the time when the farmers market operates.  That way, the water won’t flood the area or become a safety hazard. If you are considering porous paving for your next project, please feel free to call us at 215-672-8000 or 800-887-2222 or email us today.  We will be sure to drench you with helpful insights…