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APCON Gears up for Winter Weather

APCON  truck with snow plow

An APCON triaxle dump truck gears up with a snow plow to clear wintry precipitation out of local parking lots.

Hurricane Sandy has come and (thankfully) gone, but that sure doesn’t stop Mother Nature.

Now, a Nor’easter storm has arrived, striking the Philadelphia-New Jersey region just eight days after one of the most destructive hurricanes in the country’s history.  Unfortunately, many local residents and businesses have remained without power since the hurricane, and this new storm is bringing cold temperatures, along with rain and snow, depending on your location; thus, this wintry weather could cause more power outages and further damage, though we’re hoping that this is not the case.

In any event, APCON is gearing up for the start of snow plowing season. APCON has approximately 20 trucks available for snow plowing, including triaxle dump trucks that can be used for salting/sanding the roadways and parking lots.  We also utilize snow blowers for clearing off parking lot sidewalks.  And yes, the good old fashioned hand-held snow shovel or two could always make an appearance at one of our clearing locations if needed.

A gentle reminder to all property owners– in most cases, YOU are responsible for keeping your property clear of snow and ice (be sure to check your local laws). Please keep this in mind as snow piles up on your premises, so that no people or cars get damaged from snow not being plowed away or ice not being salted or sanded.

If you have any questions about snow removal for the Bucks County area, please feel free to contact us at 215-672-8000 and we would be happy to discuss them with you. We have worked with businesses ranging from corporate centers to hotels to shopping centers and more, as well as the public sector, to keep snow from hindering travels in the Bucks County region.

5 Benefits of ADA Compliance for Your Parking Lot

Our last APCON Blog post focused on an overview of ADA compliance for parking lots.  Now, to continue this topic, we look into a few benefits of taking the steps to make your parking lot ADA compliant.

In recent years, more and more businesses have been increasing their investments in making sure their buildings and parking lots are ADA compliant.  An example of this might be a store owner who has steps leading into his store’s entrance way, but wants to make his or her store more accessible for individuals in wheelchairs.  The store owner thus decides to install a wheelchair ramp to allow individuals using wheelchairs, walkers, or crutches, to enter the store.

Despite the monetary cost of this type of project, there are many potential “hidden” benefits of making ADA compliant adjustments to your parking lot and entranceway, such as:

1.  Increase Patronage

Keep in mind that by making your parking lot ADA compliant, you will be welcoming a broader range of customers or clients to your facilities.  An additional benefit is that you will be creating a more conducive atmosphere for current and prospective employees to enter your building, thereby increasing the employment pool you can draw from.

2.  Earn Tax Deductions

According to the ADA website, “the Internal Revenue Code allows a deduction of up to $15,000 per year for expenses associated with the removal of qualified architectural and transportation barriers (Section 190).”  As always, check first with an accounting professional, but if you do qualify, this deduction will obviously help you reduce the cost of upgrading your lot to making it ADA compliant.

3.  Gain Competitive Advantages

In addition to the above two benefits, consider that making your parking lot ADA compliant may give you a competitive advantage over another similar local business that does not have an ADA compliant parking area.  If people have trouble accessing one store, they are much more likely to patronize the store that makes it easier for them to get around.

4.  Boost Property Value

By making your parking lot and entranceway ADA compliant, you likely will be increasing the property value of your business, since any business that buys the property would not have to undertake the projects, but would still reap many of the benefits of being ADA complaint by buying your property.

5.  Spread Civic Pride

While benefits such as tax deductions or property value increases are great for a business’ bottom line, sometimes just “doing the right thing” goes a long way in and of itself.  Consider the difficulties that individuals with disabilities may face on a day to day basis; just by keeping them in mind as you make improvements to your parking lot will go a long way in making their lives easier.  Having civic pride can have great ramifications for your business over the long run, as prospective customers feel better about doing business with you because you care about the community.

Last Word– “Is My Business Required to Remove Barriers?”

We will wrap this article up with the above question, which is posed on the ADA website.  (Essentially, this is asking the question of whether or not you are required to make your parking lot ADA compliant, removing barriers in your parking lot is what ADA compliance is all about.)  On that subject, here is what the ADA website says:

“If your business provides goods and services to the public, you are required to remove barriers if doing so is readily achievable. Such a business is called a public accommodation because it serves the public. If your business is not open to the public but is only a place of employment like a warehouse, manufacturing facility or office building, then there is no requirement to remove barriers. Such a facility is called a commercial facility. While the operator of a commercial facility is not required to remove barriers, you must comply with the ADA Standards for Accessible Design when you alter, renovate or expand your facility.”

This defnitions provides some leeway, but please be sure to check the ADA website for more information.

Lastly, we hope that this article is helpful to you as you make plans to upgrade your parking lot, and we would love to hear any feedback you may have.  Thank you.


Associated Paving Contractors, based in Warminster, PA, serves the Philadelphia metro area and would be happy to talk to you about ADA compliance projects that you have in mind, such as wheelchair ramp installation, curb modifications, or handicap parking space upgrades.  Please feel free to contact us at 215-672-8000 or info@assocpaving.com to discuss in more detail.


Looking Back at the Quake of 2011

It’s been one year since a 5.8 magnitude earthquake centered in Virginia struck the East Coast.  But if you were involved in it, you probably remember where you were and what you were doing at the time as though it were yesterday.

Fortunately, nobody was reported hurt from the aftermath of the earthquake, and damage in the Philadelphia/South Jersey metro area was fairly minimal compared to the epicenter area a couple hundred miles south of here.  Delaware Valley area roads, bridges, and other infrastructure held up overwhelmingly well, though some isolated buildings suffered damage.

An interesting article in Philly.com (by way of The Associated Press) about the earthquake, details some of the effects and statistics pertaining to this monumental event, including these tidbits:

  • Due to its proximity to many large cities from North Carolina to New Jersey, the earthquake may have been felt by more people in the United States than any other in history
  • Some schools and other organizations are now implementing earthquake drills and/or emergency procedures to prepare for another earthquake that may strike in the future
  • The quake caused an estimated $200 million in damage, including $15 million to repair cracks in the Washington Monument, which remains closed indefinitely

All in all, the earthquake, though powerful, could have been a lot worse in terms of damage and casualties, and it serves as a learning experience in terms of preparing for future quakes.

On that note, here’s to many more quake free years ahead…



“Manufacturing” New Asphalt at Manufacturers’ Golf & Country Club

As we always say here at APCON, your driveway and parking lot represent an important first impression of your business.  And a not-so-subtle one at that.

When customers and visitors drive up to your building, does it look like you have rolled out the red carpet for them with a clean, safe, attractive pavement, or does it look like you don’t care about upkeep and instead leave potholes, cracks, and alligatored areas to fester?

Recently, Manufacturers’ Golf & Country Club in Fort Washington, PA contacted us because a large area of their driveway had developed problem spots that needed to be addressed.  APCON was able to come in and re-pave this damaged section, restoring a beautiful look that is conducive to such an esteemed club, all while minimizing disruption to the Club’s traffic flow and pedestrian usage.

The project included an asphalt paving overlay and a new stormwater inlet, and we completed it all in a day.  The Club was thrilled with the improvements and our quick turnaround time.  We enjoyed the opportunity to handle this job and work at such a historic golf club in the Philadelphia area.  And, undoubtedly, drivers will appreciate the smoothe pavement that greets them upon entering the club’s grounds.

To see some shots from after our work was completed, click on any of the thumbnails below to view larger images of the site.

If your parking lot or driveway has gone into disrepair, fear not, APCON can help!  Associated Paving Contractors has expertise in doing the job right all while minizing disruption to your business.  Please call us at 215-672-8000 or email us today to see how we might be able to improve your grounds efficiently and affordably.

Philly Water Main Breaks: What Gives?

Just this morning, the third major water main break in the last week and a half occurred in Philadelphia, this time soaking an intersection in North Philadelphia.  Previously there was a water main break on July 22nd in South Philadelphia, as well as one on July 29th in Northeast Philadelphia.

What gives?

For a short, smart aleck answer– the water main pipe “gives.”   But in all seriousness, this is a very disruptive problem to local residents who may lose water delivery or find lower water pressure in their homes, as well as to commuters who may have to circumvent the affected area, and, of course, the workers who are undoubtedly physically taxed from having to make so many major repairs to the water mains in a short amount of time.

The Philadelphia Water Department has information on water main breaks, including why they happen and what to do in the event that they affect your house.  This information is not exclusive to Philadelphians, by the way.  Briefly, the water mains break for various reasons, but usually there is a factor of the pipe being corroded over the years, or there is extreme pressure placed on the pipe from any given side which can cause it to rupture and spew thousands of gallons of water out into the streets above.

Hopefully, the water mains will stay in tact in your area for many years to come, but it’s helpful to be aware of what’s going on with that water flowing right under your feet.


Got a question about our paving services?  Please feel free to contact us at 215-672-8000 or email us if you have a project you would like to talk to us about.