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“Manufacturing” New Asphalt at Manufacturers’ Golf & Country Club

As we always say here at APCON, your driveway and parking lot represent an important first impression of your business.  And a not-so-subtle one at that.

When customers and visitors drive up to your building, does it look like you have rolled out the red carpet for them with a clean, safe, attractive pavement, or does it look like you don’t care about upkeep and instead leave potholes, cracks, and alligatored areas to fester?

Recently, Manufacturers’ Golf & Country Club in Fort Washington, PA contacted us because a large area of their driveway had developed problem spots that needed to be addressed.  APCON was able to come in and re-pave this damaged section, restoring a beautiful look that is conducive to such an esteemed club, all while minimizing disruption to the Club’s traffic flow and pedestrian usage.

The project included an asphalt paving overlay and a new stormwater inlet, and we completed it all in a day.  The Club was thrilled with the improvements and our quick turnaround time.  We enjoyed the opportunity to handle this job and work at such a historic golf club in the Philadelphia area.  And, undoubtedly, drivers will appreciate the smoothe pavement that greets them upon entering the club’s grounds.

To see some shots from after our work was completed, click on any of the thumbnails below to view larger images of the site.

If your parking lot or driveway has gone into disrepair, fear not, APCON can help!  Associated Paving Contractors has expertise in doing the job right all while minizing disruption to your business.  Please call us at 215-672-8000 or email us today to see how we might be able to improve your grounds efficiently and affordably.

Summer is Here… Beware of Paving Scammers

Summer brings with it a lot of great things… fireworks, swimming, barbecues, and more.

APCON workers with dump truck repaving in a residential neighborhood.

But, like clockwork, there is one annual plight for all homeowners and property managers to be aware of:  the dreaded door-to-door paving peddler.Perhaps you have seen or heard about these folks.  Out of the blue, some guy you don’t know will knock on your door and ask you if you’d like your driveway repaired.  Your best answer?  Just say “NO!”

The Better Business Bureau put out a helpful article that we thought we’d share regarding these prevalent and pesky asphalt paving scammers.  Take heed of the BBB’s precautions and be sure to alert others who may be susceptible.

Asphalt repairs should be handled by the pros and not a Joe Shmoe off the street.  Unfortunately, we’ve heard of far too many victims who have been burned by unprofessional paving scammers.  There are plenty of great paving companies out there that this shouldn’t happen to anybody else.

With all that said, enjoy your summer… and your driveway!

P.S.- Need to fix up your asphalt or concrete driveway?  Associated Paving Contractors serves the Philadelphia metro area and we would be happy to hear from you about your paving needs.  Please feel free to contact us at 215-672-8000 or info@assocpaving.comThanks!