Paving Today For a Greener Tomorrow: APCON’s Green Initiatives

In APCON’s efforts to pave a greener, more sustainable future with eco-friendly industry innovations, our team is committed to aiding environmental efforts in our Philadelphia communities. Whether we’re taking on commercial sealcoating in Montgomery County, or restoring damaged commercial parking lots in Philadelphia, Associated Paving Contractors, INC. aims to implement green initiatives into each service we offer.

Our Green Initiatives

From running our own independent screening and crushing operation to recycling concrete and asphalt materials in order to prevent excessive dumping at local waste management facilities, APCON looks for every opportunity to minimize wasted resources and make a positive impact on the environment.

Not only does APCON reuse company vehicle motor oil to heat our headquarters during the winter, but we reduce fuel and natural resource waste by manufacturing a cold mix asphalt base course with an industry partner. Where we’re able to, APCON uses porous pavement materials to aid local communities with storm runoff, filtering the water as it drains back into the ground below.

Our company has even utilized uprooted trees which were moved from a local construction site and replanted back at our facility. Not only were we glad to give the arborvitae trees a new place to live, but our team of paving professionals loves the shade on those summer days out in the sun!

APCON holds true the belief that as one of the leading providers of professional paving and environmental services in the region, it is our responsibility to set the industry standard for eco-friendly practices and ecological accountability. Not only do we have the expertise to complete any service or job with flawless precision, but we’re also given the opportunity to use our resources to help protect the environmental well-being of our local communities.

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To find out more about all of Associated Paving Contractors, INC’s Green Initiatives to protect our environment in Philadelphia, or any of our extensive list of paving and environmental services, give us a call or fill out a contact form through the website today. No matter which job we’re trusted to complete, APCON gets it done — Safer, Faster, Better.