Let Us Fill Your Notorious Pennsylvania Potholes

When it comes to driving in Pennsylvania, car owners have become far too familiar with having to dodge the seemingly endless amount of potholes which are scattered across our roadways.

When PA drivers are faced with executing the split-second decision between hitting a pothole head-on or attempting to swerve out of the path of destruction, there’s no clear winner for which option is worse. As the most trusted company for pothole repairs in Philadelphia, our paving professionals at Associated Paving Contractors, Inc. (APCON) do everything in our power to remedy these pesky potholes for property owners.

Our Pothole Patching Process

Though PennDOT is responsible for managing the state’s highways and public roads, when a pothole pops up on private property, it’s the responsibility of the property owner to have it repaired. Whether your property’s pothole has been swallowing tires whole or it’s just in its infancy, APCON has both the knowledge and know-how to make it disappear for good.

Many property owners are unaware that performing a pothole repair service is far more involved than just filling it with asphalt or cement, which will only put a temporary band-aid on the hazard and cost far more to repair if not done correctly the first time.

When you contact our experts at APCON to come out and fix your property’s pothole(s), we use our many years of experience and the appropriate materials to ensure the job is done correctly. When our work is complete, our customers can trust that APCON’s experts have extended the life of their road or lot and in turn, their commercial customers or patrons will not have to worry about injury or damage to their vehicle.

We’ve even got maintenance plans available for commercial properties, so that when a property owner is made aware of a new or worsening pothole, our crew will be out to fix it immediately rather than waiting for the damage to spread.

Contact Our Paving Professionals

Local property owners searching for pothole repairs in Montgomery County should contact our team at APCON today by giving us a call today at 215-673-8000 or filling out a contact form through the website for a free estimate.