How Do You Know If Your Oil Tank Is Leaking?

Many homeowners in Philadelphia and New Jersey rely on oil to heat their homes. While experienced homeowners are usually aware of the need to have their oil tanks routinely inspected and replaced, new homeowners may not be as aware of the potential problems a damaged oil tank can cause. Aside from the pollution problems an oil leak creates, it can also put the health of your family at risk. One of the first steps to protecting your family and the environment is knowing how to identify an oil tank leak and what you can do to fix it.

Indoor Oil Tank Leaks

A leak in an indoor oil tank is one of easiest types of leaks to detect due to its proximity to your nose. That’s right; your nose will be one of the most important tools you’ll have to detect an oil leak. Even a small amount of oil will produce a pungent odor that will be hard to miss. If you notice a strong oil smell in your home, especially close to where your tank resides, or see visible signs of oil leakage, then it’s time to request an oil tank removal in Philadelphia.

Outdoor Oil Tank Leaks

Oil tanks that live outdoors face environmental conditions that put them at risk for corrosion and rust which can cause leaks. Most oil tanks are made from uncoated steel, that once exposed to moisture and oxygen for long periods of time, will begin to develop micro-holes that allow oil to leak out. Outdoor oil leaks are partially dangerous because they can pollute the environment by contaminating water sources. Here are a few ways to detect an outdoor oil tank leak:

  • You notice a change in your fuel bill or that your oil supply does not last as long
  • You or your neighbor notice a change in the taste or color of your drinking water
  • You notice a strong oil smell coming from your lawn
  • Your sump pump has oil in it   

If you inspect your oil tank and notice signs of a leak, you should immediately call your local fire department and oil tank contractor to evaluate the condition of your tank. Those in need of a professional oil tank removal service near Montgomery County can call APCON today at 215-672-8000.