Why Should I Have My Oil Tank Removed?Residential oil storage tanks are designed to contain hazards, but it’s essential to keep in mind that oil is naturally corrosive and no tank lasts forever. If a tank isn’t maintained correctly or is used beyond its lifespan, it may eventually leak. If so, your oil tank needs to be replaced — but proper disposal […]
How Can Rain Damage Your Asphalt?Everyone knows that April showers lead to May flowers, but excessive spring rain can also wreak havoc on your asphalt. Exposure to rainwater can seriously erode asphalt over time if the proper preventative measures are not taken. Preparing your asphalt for the rainy season can help prevent cracking and erosion and keep it looking good […]
What Are the Benefits of Commercial Asphalt Milling?As Bucks County’s top-rated commercial asphalt milling company, Associated Paving Contractors is proud to provide asphalt milling services to businesses and other organizations throughout the region. Asphalt milling is the process of grinding up and collecting old asphalt pavement and recycling it to be used again. After reviewing the infographic below for reasons you would […]
Why Asphalt Takes Such a Beating in the Winter MonthsWith most parts of the Philadelphia area gearing up for harsh winter weather, people are beginning to get back into the swing of winter safety and maintenance. While knowing how to defrost and de-ice your vehicle is essential, asphalt paving upkeep and maintenance are equally important for keeping drivers safe on our roads. 
How Often Do I Need Asphalt Paving Services?As a leading provider of commercial paving in Montgomery County, PA, and the surrounding areas, Associated Paving understands that businesses and homeowners alike are concerned with the upkeep of their pavers and driveways or parking lots. While asphalt (also known as blacktop) driveways come with a variety of benefits like quick installation and durability, we […]
4 Reasons to Sealcoat Your Commercial Paving Before WinterThe heat of summer has given way to the cold of winter — but, is your company’s driveway prepared for the winter chill? If you’re unsure about investing in commercial sealcoating for your commercial property, let Associated Paving help inform your decision. As the leading provider of asphalting for commercial parking lots in Philadelphia, we’ve […]
Why Sidewalks, Curbs, and Public Walkways Should be Repaired for the Holiday SeasonAs top-rated commercial concrete contractors in Philadelphia, we understand the importance of well-maintained sidewalks, curbs, steps, and access ramps. These areas are crucial for the safety of thousands of pedestrians and must be maintained to avoid endangering people. If you’re a business owner in Philadelphia, we recommend thoroughly inspecting the paving and sidewalk surrounding your […]
Four Reasons to Choose APCON for Dumpster RentalFor professionals looking to hire dumpsters for commercial work, we can accommodate your needs with our dumpster rental services. We stock a wide range of trash dumpster rentals in Bucks County and nearby regions, from 10 to 40 cubic yard capacity. Our professional team of environmental and paving professionals can deliver, pick up, and dispose […]
Key Questions To Ask Of Your Commercial Sealcoating ProfessionalAs one of the top paving contractors in the tri-state area, we have helped countless businesses improve the safety and functionality of their parking lots. If you’re in need of such a service and searching for a reliable provider of sealcoating solutions, it can be difficult to know exactly what to look for.  No worries! […]
3 Reasons You Should Consider Resealing Your Parking Lot this SummerWe are a professional sealcoating company that offers a wide range of essential property maintenance services for home and business owners. Our professional commercial concrete contractors in Philadelphia have helped to protect thousands of parking lots across the region from damage. Why reseal your parking lot with Associated Paving Contractors, Inc., this summer? Here are […]
Paving Today For a Greener Tomorrow: APCON’s Green InitiativesIn APCON’s efforts to pave a greener, more sustainable future with eco-friendly industry innovations, our team is committed to aiding environmental efforts in our Philadelphia communities. Whether we’re taking on commercial sealcoating in Montgomery County, or restoring damaged commercial parking lots in Philadelphia, Associated Paving Contractors, INC. aims to implement green initiatives into each service […]
Let Us Fill Your Notorious Pennsylvania PotholesWhen it comes to driving in Pennsylvania, car owners have become far too familiar with having to dodge the seemingly endless amount of potholes which are scattered across our roadways.
Things to Consider When Selecting a Demolition ContractorNo matter what your reasoning for undergoing demolition is, the process of tearing down a building is long and tedious. Since demolishing a building is a complex process, hiring any old demolition contractors in Bucks County just won’t do. When selecting a demolition contractor, you should take some time to thoroughly investigate their qualifications to […]
How Do You Know If Your Oil Tank Is Leaking?Many homeowners in Philadelphia and New Jersey rely on oil to heat their homes. While experienced homeowners are usually aware of the need to have their oil tanks routinely inspected and replaced, new homeowners may not be as aware of the potential problems a damaged oil tank can cause. Aside from the pollution problems an […]
How Winter Weather Can Affect Your AsphaltFor many business owners, winter marks the time of year when their business sees an influx of foot traffic due to the holiday season. While winter may be a great time of year for business sales, it can be one of the cruelest seasons for your asphalt surfaces. Whether it’s your parking lot or walkways, […]
How a Roll-Off Dumpster Can Make Clearing Your Next Job Site EasierNo matter what project you’re working on, having a roll-off dumpster on-site will make cleaning up after a large-scale project a lot easier. Instead of having to drop off multiple loads of debris to an off-site dumpster, you can save time by cleaning up as you go. Roll-off dumpsters are the perfect solution for any […]
5 Tips For Choosing the Right Asphalt Paving CompanyAs one of the most trusted paving contractors in the Tri-State area, we at Associated Paving Contractors, Inc. (APCON) are sharing a few tips to help you choose a reputable paving company for your commercial paving project.
Improving Your Business With Commercial Paving ServicesMost business owners don’t realize that utilizing commercial paving services can not only save them money but also increase their business’s curb appeal. Investing money into a new parking lot or repairing your walkways will make a great impression on your customers. Take a look at how using commercial paving services can improve your business.
Let Us Help You Do Your Summer Asphalt JobHere at Associated Paving Contractors, Inc. we offer many services, ranging from roll-off dumpster rentals in Bucks County and surrounding areas to excavation and demolition projects. We are experts in paving and concrete services, priding ourselves on providing a beautiful, quality end-product every single time. Summertime is the time of the year where the days […]
Why You Should Seriously Consider Decorative Stamped AsphaltAs discussed before in a previous post, asphalt is one of those modern marvels that most of us take for granted, and we have written about asphalt’s superiority for paving driveways. Today, we’re going to talk about the benefits of asphalt from a different angle: the advantages of installing decorative stamped asphalt.
Which Material Is the Best Choice for Your New Driveway?Is your current driveway cracked, sunken, and crumbling? It might be time for a replacement. Before you start calling local contractors, however, you need to consider the durability, future maintenance, and appearance that you would like for your new driveway. Associated Paving Contractors has been a trusted residential and commercial concrete contractor in Philadelphia for […]
How Hot Weather Affects Concrete ConstructionWhether it’s cold, hot, windy, or humid, the work of construction must continue, especially when budgets and timelines are paramount. Work projects never take a break, and neither do we. We’re Associated Paving Contractors, Inc., and we provide paving services like parking lot paving in Montgomery County. Occasionally, adverse weather conditions can have a detrimental […]
Use APCON’s Dumpster Rental Service For Your Spring Cleaning ProjectSpring is finally here, but before we can enjoy the warmer weather and all the amenities that accompany it, we must first perform that dreaded yearly ritual — spring cleaning. However detested, this essential annual tradition is a necessary task and requires special attention. Afterward, you might find yourself wondering what you’re going to do […]
VIDEO: Associated Paving Contractors, Inc. Offers Oil Tank Removal and Installation ServicesDue to years of wear and tear on storage oil tanks, corrosion takes place, and rust begins to form, posing a serious safety hazard. Underground oil tanks are a concern for the environment because of potential oil leakage which is dangerous for people and wildlife. Additionally, having above ground oil tanks removed and replaced with […]
VIDEO: Commercial Paving Services in Philadelphia & BeyondWhile the winter season is known to wreak havoc on our streets, causing potholes and cracks, your business’s parking lot doesn’t have to suffer! Associated Paving Contractors Inc. provides top-notch commercial seal coating in and around Bucks County, as well as commercial paving services that can fit any budget. We take care of all your asphalt problems […]
VIDEO: Parking Lot Repairs & Snow Removal in Philadelphia, PAWith over two full months left this winter season, you want to be prepared for any potential snow storms that hit our region. Having a reliable snow removal company keeps your commercial parking lot safe, clean, and business efficiently running. To learn more about Associated Paving Contractor’s snow removal services or any commercial paving services in […]
VIDEO: Call Associated Paving Contractors for Winter Parking Lot Repair in Montgomery County, PAThe winter weather elements are known for damaging streets by creating potholes and unsightly cracks. Don’t wait until a pothole causes someone on your property to get a flat tire. Call Associated Paving Contractors, Inc. for parking lot pavement repairs and commercial paving in Montgomery County, PA! If your property is unsafe and unsightly due to […]
The Art of Maintaining a Parking LotIf you’re the owner of an asphalt parking lot, you often trace your thoughts along a plain of flatness. However, if you are, you probably also need to upkeep its flatness, beauty, and sheen, so you’d be wise give our commercial concrete contractors near Philadelphia a call. However, here are some things you can do […]
Why You Should Go Asphalt Over ConcreteThese days, the vast majority of driveways that you encounter are either lined in asphalt or concrete. As experienced commercial concrete and asphalt contractors of the Philadelphia area, we’re inclined to say a few words on this subject. Chances are, if you’ve never invested in your driveway, it’s probably concrete. Now a question naturally follows: […]
Preparing Your Property for The ColdMost people won’t think about preparing their asphalt driveway for the fall so early while it’s still hot out – which is why most people have problems with their driveways that need fixing after the winter is over. Here are a few preemptive services that the premier residential and commercial concrete contractors of Philadelphia and […]
The Ancient History of Concrete ContractingThe Genesis Before electricity buzzed in all of our cars, tablets, and homes, peoples of the world didn’t know the smell of newly-paved asphalt. In those pre-industrial days, you were lucky if your kingdom or principality even maintained the highways and roadways. Prior to the ancient Romans and their brand of volcanic concrete, Babylonians in […]
Tips to Help Prevent Damage to a Parking Lot Throughout the SummerIn a parking lot, most people are concerned about someone carelessly dinging their doors or driving recklessly and causing an accident. But, did you know that the most damage is taken by the parking lot itself? Commercial parking lots in Philadelphia take a large amount of abuse from heavy vehicles and Mother Nature, and they’re […]
Signs That You Should Have Your Parking Lot PavedWhen you pull your car up to a store, what’s the first thing you notice? Since your car has to park in the parking lot for you to enter the store, you inevitably notice it right away. Believe it or not, a parking lot can say a lot about a store. If you pulled into […]
4 Surprising Facts About AsphaltAny time you venture outside, you will likely encounter asphalt. It is used to create many of our roadways, parking lots, and walking paths. Asphalt is far from being a modern marvel, though. In fact, its use dates back to ancient times. As commercial concrete contractors in Philadelphia, we consider ourselves experts when it comes […]
Potholes and Other Asphalt Woes! Why Do They Happen?Potholes are an all-too-familiar sight on roads and in commercial parking lots in Philadelphia, much to the chagrin of every driver. There’s nothing worse than going 50 mph over a pothole that you couldn’t see, only to have your tire blow out. But what causes potholes? Are they really that bad? And why are they […]
4 Reasons to Repave Your Business’ Parking LotThe parking lot is the first thing your customers see when they enter your business location. If the pavement is cracked and unsightly, this could give your customers the wrong impression of your business. Some customers will even stay away and never enter your establishment. To avoid losing customers, you should routinely repave your parking […]
4 Reasons Why Commercial Paving Is Important4 Reasons Why Commercial Paving Is Important With winter quickly approaching, it will surely bring harsh weather — which leads to cracks and sometimes potholes in the asphalt of our roads and parking lots. That’s why right now is the time to get those roads and parking lots surrounding your business repaired and paved. For […]
Commercial Paving 101 by APCONIf you’ve been in the Philly area over the last couple years, you may have noticed an incredible amount of construction. This includes new businesses, condos, apartment complexes, and everything in between! What do all of these things have in common? They all need places for their customers to park. They all need walkways, ramps, […]
What PAVING Means To Us…Associated Paving Contractors does it right. We have been one of the leading asphalt paving contractors around Philadelphia for over four decades! Through hard work and dedication to our customers, we’ve become one of the go-to contractors that specialize in commercial sealcoating in Bucks County, Montgomery County, and all of the Philadelphia suburbs (and even […]
The Associated Paving Contractors DifferenceSafer, Faster, Better When is comes to the five counties in the Philadelphia region, there is only one paving contractor worth mentioning: Associated Paving Contractors, Inc. Commercial Asphalt Paving Specialists – We assess parking lots, shopping centers, private roads, restaurant drive-throughs, and any business you can think of that utilizes pavement. Once we estimate the […]
3 Valuable Solutions Offered by Associated Paving ContractorsWith 40 years experience, Associated Paving Contractors, Inc. (aka APCON) possesses the experience and expertise to handle commercial asphalt repairs across Philadelphia, Bucks, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties. We pride ourselves on being safe, fast, and affordable. Our 4.9 out of 5-star Facebook rating reflects the extremely high level of customer service we provide. These incredible reviews […]
4 Services Your Business Shouldn’t Neglect This SpringWhether you live in a rural or metropolitan area, chances are you step on pavement every single day. From driveways and neighborhood streets to highways and sidewalks, this stuff is everywhere!   All properties greatly benefit from proper paving and asphalt repairs in Montgomery County, PA. If you manage a business, parking lot, or community, […]
Services of Ours to Consider During the WinterConsider the different dangers presented to your pavement during the winter season. If you’re a PA resident, we know you didn’t miss all of the potholes, cracks and other varied damages to the pavement; potholes in Pennsylvania almost achieved national fame in 2014! We want to help you stay away from achieving infamy for your […]
Paving Projects We Can Handle Before and During the Winter SeasonThe summer is wet and the winters are cold around here in Pennsylvania. All of this wonderful weather means that your pavement will get a beating, whether you own a commercial, industrial or residential property. There’s no way to stop the course of nature. There are, however, ways to repair the damage and bolster the […]
How Should a New Asphalt Surface Look?Remember the last time you got a new pair of jeans?  With tomorrow being Christmas, you may even find a new pair of jeans waiting for you in a neatly wrapped box under the tree.  At which point you can finally ditch those old jeans you’ve had for years even though they are torn to shreds until each individual denim molecule […]
12 Tips on Parking Lot Maintenance for 12/12/12In honor of today being 12/12/12, we have whipped up 12 tips on how to maintain the parking area or driveway at your office, home, or other property.   If you own or oversee a parking lot, please keep in mind that the better care you take of it, the longer it will last and the […]
4 Great Articles on Dealing with SnowIf you live in the Philadelphia metro area, you’re probably getting hit with some snow right about now (particularly if you live or work in Bucks County, where we are currently getting a steady dumping here in Warminster).  And it seems like it’s snowing more heavily than predicted, but then again, what fun would life […]
How to Cross a Crosswalk with a CrossingPerhaps the Beatles were the first to turn a crosswalk into a recognizable landmark, with their legendary Abbey Road album cover (just do a Google Image search for “famous crosswalks” and photos of the Fab Four– and imitators– crossing Abbey Road will explode across your screen).  Anybody who has seen the snapshot of John, Paul, George, & Ringo crossing that otherwise […]
APCON Gears up for Winter WeatherHurricane Sandy has come and (thankfully) gone, but that sure doesn’t stop Mother Nature. Now, a Nor’easter storm has arrived, striking the Philadelphia-New Jersey region just eight days after one of the most destructive hurricanes in the country’s history.  Unfortunately, many local residents and businesses have remained without power since the hurricane, and this new storm is bringing […]
5 Benefits of ADA Compliance for Your Parking LotOur last APCON Blog post focused on an overview of ADA compliance for parking lots.  Now, to continue this topic, we look into a few benefits of taking the steps to make your parking lot ADA compliant. In recent years, more and more businesses have been increasing their investments in making sure their buildings and parking lots are […]
Is Your Parking Lot ADA Compliant?Perhaps your business or place of work has a parking lot connected to it.  If so, you probably see it every day, but have you ever considered if the parking lot is ADA compliant? The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), originally signed into law in 1990 and later amended with changes in 2009, covers a vast range of […]
Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Chalk AboutThere is no limit to the simple creativity that abounds when it comes to the classic “art” of drawing with chalk on asphalt.  It’s easy, it’s cheap, and the creations only last until the next rain, so there’s no big mess to worry about.  As a result, kids love to draw on pavement, and, heck, so do many […]
Have You Completed Fall Preventative Maintenance on Your Pavement Yet?Well, it’s that time of year again… school is back in session, leaves are changing color and falling to the ground, and football season has kicked off (go Eagles!).But it’s also that time to plan ahead for the winter. As we here at APCON often say, your parking lot is a “welcome mat” to visitors […]
Anniversary of First Drunk Driving Arrest: A Sobering Day in HistoryThis Monday, September 12th, will mark the 115th anniversary of the first drunk driving arrest in history, according to The History Channel’s website.  In 1897, a London taxi driver named George Smith was arrested for drunk driving after crashing his car into a building. Fortunately, nobody was killed or seriously hurt in this accident. But, […]
Keeping an Eye on the Road in OhioInfrastructure is a major but necessary expense in most government budgets, so reducing the amount of taxpayer money needed to pay for upgrading roadways is always a priority. In Ohio, folks will literally be keeping an eye on the road to see if substantial savings can be realized by implementing “perpetual pavement” when repaving roads in the future. […]
Looking Back at the Quake of 2011It’s been one year since a 5.8 magnitude earthquake centered in Virginia struck the East Coast.  But if you were involved in it, you probably remember where you were and what you were doing at the time as though it were yesterday. Fortunately, nobody was reported hurt from the aftermath of the earthquake, and damage in the Philadelphia/South Jersey metro […]
The Week that Was on TwitterIn case you don’t follow our Twitter feed (and, if you don’t, this begs the question of– why not!), then you would have missed some cool links and commentary that we posted this week. But being the generous souls we are, we decided to post some of them on our blog as another way to find […]
Biking Across Montgomery County for a Good CauseAre you, or is someone you know, an avid motorcyclist in the Montgomery County area? If so, please consider revving your engine and joining the “C.A.P.T. Bike Day” on September 23, 2012. For just $15, you will get to venture off on a 60 mile journey around MontCo, and the money raised benefits C.A.P.T. Programs for Kids, […]
“Manufacturing” New Asphalt at Manufacturers’ Golf & Country ClubAs we always say here at APCON, your driveway and parking lot represent an important first impression of your business.  And a not-so-subtle one at that. When customers and visitors drive up to your building, does it look like you have rolled out the red carpet for them with a clean, safe, attractive pavement, or does it […]
Philly Water Main Breaks: What Gives?Just this morning, the third major water main break in the last week and a half occurred in Philadelphia, this time soaking an intersection in North Philadelphia.  Previously there was a water main break on July 22nd in South Philadelphia, as well as one on July 29th in Northeast Philadelphia. What gives? For a short, […]
Recycling Roads in the Windy CityIn recent weeks, we’ve talked about Philadelphia’s ambitious plans for using more porous paving in local streets as well as research from Toronto about the possibility of using asphalt pavement as an energy source. Now comes an intriguing article by Forbes about Chicago’s Department of Transportation recycling roof shingles, used tires, and reclaimed pavement from other streets […]
Porous Paving in the News AgainCheck out this example of porous paving in action, courtesy of Hudson Valley’s Your News Now. Though porous paving is a technology whereby asphalt pavement drains water through it is over 30 years old, it is becoming more prevalent as townships deal with flooding and storm water drainage issues. Though porous pavement may not be suitable in every location, […]
Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn Ya!About three weeks ago, we posted an article about an article from the Better Business Bureau regarding asphalt paving scammers who go around to houses door-to-door, offering to perform work on driveways at dirt cheap prices. Well, just yesterday a swindler in Maryland was sent to jail for racking up $63,000+ in fraudulent sales of […]
Follow Us on Twitter…APCON is now driving down the social media superhighway… It’s official– You can now follow APCON on Twitter!  Check us out at:   @APCONpaving We will be tweeting about paving-related topics such as maintenance tips, informative articles, updates from the daily world of Associated Paving Contractors, and other interesting things going on in the community… and perhaps some surprises […]
Hot Asphalt as a New Power Source?You might be driving your car on a future source of power. Paved asphalt, as anybody who has walked down a city street in the summer can tell you, is a tremendous absorber of heat from solar energy– hence the term “heat island effect” during hot days.  Well, if researchers from Canada have their way, there may […]
How to Drain 9,000 Gallons of Water from PavementYou just never know what might “soak” you as you surf the internet… Here’s a pretty cool video from the Daily Telegram in Adrian, Michigan showing the effectiveness of porous (permeable) paving and how it drains 9,000 gallons of water without any pooling whatsoever. As you can see, the water from the fire hose disappears as […]
A Tale of Transporting TreesIn yesterday’s APCON blog post, we reviewed our recent paving work at Tj Smith’s in Warrington, whereby we added a new parking lot and crosswalk to connect with an existing lot at this bustling restaurant’s site. As part of the work performed at this site, a row of arbor vitae trees needed to be removed in order […]
Serving Up a New Parking Lot at Tj Smith’sThis past spring, Associated Paving Contractors served up a new parking lot for a popular local restaurant.  And the results were… dare we say… tasty? Tj Smith’s, located at 1585 Easton Rd. in Warrington, is a bustling dining establishment which has seen its business expand over the past few years, to the point that it was growing out of […]
Friday DIY DayCreativity can be found everywhere… even in solid concrete. For those of you who like to perform do-it-yourself projects at home, check out this interesting article on how to “Jazz up that Plain Old Concrete,” (UPDATE: our apologies… this link has been deactivated because the site it linked to seemeed to be having problems) which […]
Seal Your Pavement Now, Realize Savings LaterSummer is here—time for sun, sand, and… seal coating? With summer approaching, many folks in the Delaware Valley will start kicking their vacation plans into high gear, whether it’s walking the boards at the Jersey Shore, lounging by the pool, or cooling off up in the Poconos.  But don’t forget about your pavement! Yes, the […]
Summer is Here… Beware of Paving ScammersSummer brings with it a lot of great things… fireworks, swimming, barbecues, and more. But, like clockwork, there is one annual plight for all homeowners and property managers to be aware of:  the dreaded door-to-door paving peddler.Perhaps you have seen or heard about these folks.  Out of the blue, some guy you don’t know will knock on your […]
The Number 1 Recycled Material in America is…As you well know, recycling is a prevalent, and easy-to-practice form of environmental stewardship.  Use it, recycle it, and re-use it… it’s as simple as that. In today’s world, recycling bins for cans and bottles can be found in virtually every public space, paper recycling is a common household process, and even CFL bulbs are […]
And Now for a Brief History of Asphalt…The road to perfecting asphalt has been a long and winding one.  With perhaps some speedbumps along the way. An informative article from the National Asphalt Paving Association describes the history of a product that we take for granted in today’s world.  Indeed, we walk and ride on paved asphalt every day, and yet most of […]
APCON Traffic Cone Says Bon Voyage…What would summer be without the excitement of kids going off to summer camp?This morning, APCON traffic cones were on the scene of departure day for the first session of Golden Slipper Camp, a non-profit, overnight camp that draws campers mostly from the Philadelphia area. The bus departure was held in Elkins Park, approximately 2 hours […]
Will Stiffer Pavement Help Save Gas?The online publication “Buildings” reported in May that a recent study from MIT showed that using stiffer pavement could potentially cut fuel consumption by 3% and save roughly $15 billion in gas prices per year in the US.  Plus, since the pavement would need to be made to be stiffer, it is likely to last longer, ultimately saving […]
Philadelphia Pushing for More “Green,” Less PavementAs you may have heard in the news recently, the City of Philadelphia is embarking on an ambitious plan called “Green 2015,” which has the goal of adding 500 more acres of green space to the city’s footprint within the next three years.  And no, this does not mean that the City will be going […]
Dueling Milling Machines at WorkWhoever said there’s no drama in asphalt paving? Under beautiful sunny skies, APCON trucks could be seen this week crossing paths as they mill the asphalt off of a parking lot in Bordentown, NJ. As the milling machines rip up the old, worn out pavement, they drop the chunks of millings into the dump truck in front, making way […]