5 Tips For Choosing the Right Asphalt Paving Company

As one of the most trusted paving contractors in the Tri-State area, we at Associated Paving Contractors, Inc. (APCON) are sharing a few tips to help you choose a reputable paving company for your commercial paving project.

Licensed & Insured

The first step to choosing a trustworthy paving company is to ask your contractor to provide you with documentation proving that they are both licensed and insured. Ensuring that your contractor and their crew are fully insured will protect you and your property in the event that an accident was to occur on your property during the project. If an accident was to occur and your paving provider was not insured, your commercial property insurance would be used to cover the damages which could result in your premiums skyrocketing.

Equipment & Crew  

One way some contractors attempt to cut corners is by using old equipment and an insufficient amount of workers to complete a project. Any experienced paving contractor will tell you that laying asphalt is a time-sensitive project that requires efficient equipment and an adequate amount of workers to complete the job properly. If asphalt is laid too slowly it will begin to cool which can create seams that will allow water to penetrate your asphalt, reducing its longevity.   

Material Selection & Execution

An important thing to remember when selecting material for your commercial project is that all asphalt is not created equally. Asphalt is available in a variety of grades that are dependent upon the percentage of recycled material in them. When it comes time to select materials for your project, make sure you request a higher grade asphalt which will have a lower amount of recycled material. Never let your contractor rush your project. It’s important to pay close attention to ensure that they are taking the proper steps to complete the job correctly. Don’t hesitate to ask them to detail their plans for executing your project.

Experience & Reviews  

Any good company will have happy customers and asphalt paving companies are no different. Look at previous customer reviews to get a feel for what other people think of your potential contractor’s work. Also, remember to ask how long your contractor has been business and request to see examples of previous jobs they completed.

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