Commercial Asphalt Contractors

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Whether it is time to re-pave or make repairs, APCON is the asphalt contractor for your project. We have been milling and paving in Delaware Valley, Philadelphia, Bucks County and Montgomery County for over 40 years. Just because one area of your parking lot or drive lane is deteriorating doesn’t mean you need to re-pave everything. Milling out a deteriorated area to make base repairs may be all that is necessary. APCON can tell you the difference. Our estimating department has the combined knowledge of over 55 years of experience and can offer the necessary repairs specific for your area of concern. When you have an area of deterioration don’t think the worst, call APCON for your paving repair solution. We are the leading concrete contractors of Montgomery County and the entire Tri-state area.

Commercial Asphalt Milling

delaware valley asphalt pavingAsphalt Milling in Bucks County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia
What exactly does milling entail? Milling is the process of the removal of an existing layer of asphalt to be correctly restored and re-paved to give the surface a specific profile. Our contractors use the recycled asphalt to be combined into the new asphalt surface. Benefits of asphalt milling include:

  • Saving on natural resources
  • Saving on energy
  • Saving money
  • Using recycled pavement is environmentally friendly
  • Makes an improvement on the surface (elimination of any bumps, ruts and surface irregularities)

Commercial Asphalt Paving

Why Hire Our Paving Contractors of Bucks County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia?
As professional paving contractors of Bucks County, Delaware Valley, Montgomery County and Philadelphia, we have the experience necessary to handle any type of service. From large jobs to small, our staff will leave customers completely satisfied. When customers meet our experienced, friendly team members, they will be thoroughly impressed. From the beginning of the asphalt paving project, to the end, customers will get “what their paving for” If this is the type of service you wish to receive, then contact Associated Paving Contractors Inc. today.

Commercial Asphalt Repairs

We also perform asphalt repairs for customers in Bucks County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia. Over time, you may notice your asphalt to begin deteriorate. These areas pose a liability risk to you. When this happens, contact APCON Inc. for immediate repairs. Our staff will determine the best solution to repair or replace the affected area and inform you of ways to make sure it is properly maintained so the pavement will last longer. The asphalt repairs we offer also include the patching of potholes, to make the surface safe and level.

Are you working on a project that requires demolition? Speak with one of our demolition contractors of Montgomery County today. Do you need a sealcoating company in Bucks County? We can handle that for you as well! Contact Associated Paving Contractors Inc. today!